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Unique Wedding Dresses

Custom designed wedding gowns:$1900 and up

        The Ultimate luxury; a custom designed wedding gown is a one-of-a-kind creation, designed made especially for you.

    Begin with a private consultation.  Tell Lesley about your wedding and any thoughts you have regarding the type of dress you would love to wear.  Try on sample gowns and watch Lesley sketch ideas for your original design and then create a mock up version before cutting into the actual fine fabrics.   There is no charge for the consultation and the mock up is included in the price of your custom gown.

  Custom design is the perfect solution for brides who know what they like, appreciate great fit and have a taste for something original.

    Call now for a free consultation 905-627-2916 or write to Lesley at


Designer Gowns:  $1500 -  $4500                     

    'Lesley Giles' Signature collection, limited edition gowns are    designed and created by Lesley.  At any given time there are usually about 25 - 30 designs available for viewing and trying on. Order exactly as you see them or ask Lesley to show you how to cusomize one into your dream dress.

Design your own wedding dress:$1900 and up

    Lesley Giles believes that your wedding gown should be a perfect expression of your taste and personality.

    If you should happen to have a good design idea for your “dream dress” that you’d like to turn into a reality, Lesley can make it happen for you. She will help you to describe your ideas and then she’ll sketch it for you. You can feel confident knowing that Lesley will help you to bring your idea alive while maintaining the high quality of her label.